BMIT Technologies

BMIT Technologies plc is a leading IT services provider in Malta. Primarily focused on the provision of data centre, cloud and managed IT services, the company offers an extensive range of services and solutions to a wide range of business customers.

BMIT Technologies plc operates predominantly in the Maltese market. Historically, its main target clients were online gaming companies operating out of Malta. While today this market remains key to the Group, over the years the Group extended its product and service offering and markets, to cater for cloud and managed IT Services, targeting other knowledge-based segments in Malta. Today, the client portfolio includes also financial institutions, professional and media organisations, and similar businesses.

The combined knowledge and expertise of the various Group companies is also allowing BMIT Technologies plc to reach targeted international organisations requiring such services.

The shares of BMIT Technologies plc will be the subject of an IPO as the company seeks a listing on the Malta Stock Exchange. More information and documentation, including the prospectus, will be available once the appropriate authorisations have been obtained.